Grain Free Thanksgiving…REALLY!

So – last year was my first time EVER making Thanksgiving.  I am 44, yet I have always been the guest, not the host.  My mom has been in charge pretty much my entire life.  So last year, we did the traditional Thanksgiving feast.  LOTS of grains.  Lots of bread, casseroles (rice), and stuffing!  The pie has grains in the crust.  The turkey and one other item was grain free.  That was it.  So – since we are on this grain free journey…we are mixing things up a little this year.

I asked my husband if we could do seafood for Thanksgiving.  I got a resounding YES!  So the first thing on the menu – crab legs.  Then P- said, “you should do a shrimp boil.”  Well, I’ve never done that before.  But she assured me it was easy and FAST.  My kind of cooking.  6 hours in the kitchen is NOT my idea of fun  –  plus that is ALOT of cleaning to do afterward.  The good news – this is one pot.  EVERYTHING goes into it!!


So, we will have 3 items with grains.  I can totally NOT be tempted in that regard.  My children said we HAVE to have stuffing – Grandma’s stuffing.  Grandma doesn’t do grain free (yet!).  And the rolls.  We are making Red Lobster biscuits.  Thank God for Sam’s – they sell the package.  I am not a huge fan – but my kids and husband are.  I plan on making grain free rolls too.  And the last item is corn on the cob – since that goes in the pot with the shrimp.  You could probably leave that out – but I won’t mind since I have been corn free for a year and a half now.

Here is our menu!

Shrimp Boil – Shrimp, Sausage, Corn on the Cob, Red Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Seasoning
Crab Legs
Biscuits – Red Lobster style and Grain Free Biscuits
Green Bean Casserole
Stuffing – Has grains (will AVOID)
Dessert – Sundaes, Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ice Cream

P- is busy with her own grain free recipes.  She is going to her mother-in-laws so she is walking in the door prepared with her own yummy things to eat – so she isn’t tempted!  I am sure she will put links to her recipes on here later.

Danielle Walker provided the recipe for the Biscuits – Against All Grain

Deliciously Organic has a recipe for the Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies – I am swapping the chia seeds for the gelatin as a commenter suggested.