Twin-P History

In 2000, shortly after the birth of my second child, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. It is an autoimmune disorder that prevents the thyroid from working correctly.  My doctor was less than stellar.  He had a terrible bed side manner.  However, up to that point, I didn’t care.  I rarely visited the doctor.  The doctor did not tell me anything about the disease.  He simply diagnosed, prescribed, and told me to come back in if I had trouble.  There was no discussion of alternatives.  He did not tell me that once I began treatment, I could NEVER go off.  The meds would actually ruin my thyroid.  We had no conversation about diet.  I would spend the next 14 years on a roller coaster of weight gain and loss.

I forgot to mention that I hate taking medicine.  I probably did more damage to myself by not taking my medicine regularly.  I would take my pill for a few months, stop, start, then stop again.  My prescription would expire, I would get new blood work completed or change doctors because I did not want to hear a lecture, and start the drug again.  I never had normal results.  My antibodies have always been excessive.  I had heard from my older sister and a friend about diet, gut and food sensitivity.  I just heard the message; I didn’t listen.

In winter 2012, I completed a 5 day cleanse.  I began a gluten free diet.  I lost over 40 lbs.  I was running 9 miles regularly as exercise.  That summer, I slipped into old habits.  I maintained my weight loss for several months.  However, by December, I had ballooned back up.  In July 2013, I did the cleanse again.  I began running.  I dropped down to the same weight as before.  Near Christmas, I started eating junk again.  I gained all the weight back.  I am now back to my standing weight of 175lbs (give or take a little).  I know that I have sensitivity to gluten and dairy.  I know I need to change.  I believe that this will be carried on to my children.  I need to stop the cycle.  My mother has a lot of autoimmune disorders, as does my older sister.  My Twin – S is also undiagnosed, but similar in body type to me.  We believe that we are walking the same path.  However, she has not taken any drugs.  She may have better success at reversing the damage.

Consequently, Twin- S and I are on a journey to change our destiny.

I began “Officially” today: November 24, 2014.

I began planning last week.  After talking to Twin-S, I bought three cookbooks.  They arrived on Saturday.  I made a menu for the week and went to the grocery store and spent $300.  My husband was less than pleased.  However, he has committed to this for 30 days.  I made Monday’s dinner on Sunday – Chicken legs with potatoes, carrots, and Brussel sprouts smothered in Ghee and herbs.  I also made crepes that could be used for lunches and snacks.  It is in place of a tortilla.

Day 1 has been a success for the most part.

3 glasses of water.

2 pieces of sugar free gum.

One Crepe with a piece of sausage in it.

A spinach salad with nuts and fruit.

Dinner will be the chicken, BS (Brussel Sprouts) and carrots.  I am going to skip the potatoes.  My goal is to drink 48 oz of water.

Welcome to Twin-P’s journal and journey.