So the Christmas Holiday Season is almost over…ending in New Years.  I bombed. Fell. Stumbled.  WipeOut!

I ate wheat based items – not once, not twice but 3 times – on three DIFFERENT days!  My daughter made cake balls.  I had to try one, thinking…it will be nice for her mom to at least eat one…three cake balls later.

I didn’t think too much about it.  A moment.

Then I did so good.  I made grain free cookies – with this recipe –  SO amazingly good.  So proud of myself – for taking the time to do it.  Took them to a cookie exchange at a neighbor’s house.  EVERYONE loved them and no one could believe they did not have wheat flour.

Then I went to my mom’s Christmas day.  I did NOT eat the rolls.  But, see there is a FAVORITE cookie that she makes.  I’d AVOIDED them at the cookie exchange – pretending they were not looking all delicious on a plate.  But my mom…how can I possibly say NO to her cookies…

AND I ate chocolate…a lot of it.  While that is NOT listed on the forbidden foods – some chocolate items are FULL of corn syrup.  YEP!  Not straight chocolate bars, the candy that you ONLY get during December of every year.  UGH…

So – I was okay yesterday.  But so – so tired.  And my hands felt slightly swollen and weird – joint pain.  Then I ATE a BURRITO with a flour shell.  Frozen.  From the Store.  PROCESSED, SO VERY BAD.  Within an hour – it is like the Lord said…STOP!! 

By the time I went to bed last night – my knees were hurting and my hands continued to hurt.  My mom has TERRIBLE arthritis pain.  I’d read that gluten/wheat can make it worse.  It was NOT psychological.  It was actually happening.  3 days of grains in one form or another including hidden in that dreaded corn syrup – and I’m done.  Sorry.  Repentant.  Turning from the sin of disobedience.  God said to my heart – no grains.  I thought…just a little.

NOPE.  NONE.  Nada, Rien.

just say NO

 (By the way – this is a free blog.  IF you happen to see a wheat or grain advertisement – it is because WordPress does that unless you give them $30 for NO ads).  So Don’t think we are making any money on the free ad below.  Just something that our blog host does and they profit not us.  So we aren’t saying buy the products they post – it is based upon our words in the post and your own “search” history.)

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