I got a little overwhelmed this week. I am not sure if it is Thanksgiving or not. Perhaps, it was that it’s been a week and a half of no grains and I thought that the results would be quicker. I finally dug my scale out of my basement. We’ve been broken up since about May. My indicator to weight gain was that my pants were slowly not fitting anymore. After I weighed myself yesterday I wanted to break up again! I weighed 179 pounds. I have never weighed 179 pounds except when I was pregnant! Sadly, I am not pregnant. sadly being the weight not the pregnancy!

I just texted P- a fat picture! I wanted to have a record of it because rarely do I have my photo taken. When the weight falls off we will do a before and after but not now! it is not at all motivating.

However, I have noticed some differences in my moods and my attitude! This is a good thing! I have a friend that I have asked to be praying, she felt led to tell me to not worry and just put my faith and trust in the Lord! I am doing that!

So I just wanted to check in to let you know where we’re at. I weighed myself again today, I know you’re not suppose do it every day! But, I am desiring some sort of affirmation!

We are overcoming!!



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