Where to Start

Grain-Free Family Table CoverOkay…so P- and I are jumping ALL in on this thing. We downloaded and bought hard copies of Carrie Vitt’s book. Since we are both going to need to get well versed in the world of Grain Free.

Thankfully, both of us have in the past done moderated eating plans.  P- was Vegan for quite a while as she trained for trail marathons.  I’ve gone gluten and sugar free for a month fast as well as no longer eating corn and pork.

But to not have any grains FOREVER.  <Gulp>.  Okay, our older sister is all organic and raw milk.  Our brother is low carb.  He has lost a huge amount of weight.  But P- and I are not doing this to lose weight.  That is an unfortunate side affect of what our bodies are doing – but she and I know we can “tweak our diet” and do the “lemonade diet” or a fast to drop pounds and then we could start training for marathons and drop pounds.  That is NOT a long-term plan.  Stop training and running – the pounds come back on.  Eat normal foods after “fasting” the weight comes back.  Why?  Our thyroid and other adrenal glands aren’t working.  PERIOD.  Then add perimenopause to that – and yeah – we are a mess!

So, I have been reading this other blog that says as we ease in to grain free (which sorta is like low-carb/no carb) we are going to need to be aware of symptoms our body might have as we “detox” from grains.  Who knew?  Am currently reading Melissa Sevigny’s I Breathe I’m Hungry’s article on Keto Kickstarting.

What a crazy time to start this, I’m thinking to myself.  But it is now or never.  Neither P- or I are slow going type of people.  We are either in or not.  P- decided to do her first marathon and she was ALL in all the way – many times over.  So I know we can do this!

She’ll be writing soon too.



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