So, we were talking today.  The weight gain.  Progressive.  Aggressive.  Prayer is increasing.  Two people struggling with the same issues – miles apart.  But not extraordinary since we share DNA and cells.  Biological Identical Twins.


  • Thyroid not function – one of us diagnosed, one not.
  • Extreme weight gain at astonishing rate
  • Hair Loss at times
  • Fatigue
  • Grouchy
  • Many of the signs of adrenal fatigue/failure
  • Strong dislike of going to the doctor
  • Brain fog

Okay, through prayer and experience and research, we are detailing our journey.  Not doctors.  Not making some sort of “dogma” of how to get healthy.  But we live miles apart.  Want to encourage each other.  We are both writers (by degree and passion)…so we are going to encourage each other here.  I don’t do facebook.  So this is easier.  She has too much email so this is our platform…for now.

Not really looking for readers – just looking for answers that work for us.

Twin Overcomers


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